~ Walking Smoothly until the last day ~

Please give your dog proper treatments to relief stiff muscles when they turn 12 years old.
With the treatments, your dogs has more chance to walk smoothly when they turn 15 years old.

Do you think your dog receives enough and proper treatment?

Q. Why is it good to relief stiff muscle?

As you know we and dogs live in the world with gravity. Humans have a vertical backbone but dogs have a horizontal backbone which is connected with ligamentum supported by muscles. In addition, weight are mainly on forelegs and hold their body only by thier muscles. It is just like a planking position.

Like a human body, muscles become less flexible as they get older. Stiff muscles are difficult to use and easy to get weakened. So that, early muscle treatment “while they can walk” is very important for old dogs.

Can you clearly see the “the benefit of the treatments” such as massage, muscle training, rehabilitation, or stretching?

You can confirm obvious change if your dogs has proper treatments.
If you want your dogs to have effective treatments, you need to learn skeleton structure and muscles to find a proper treatment.
If you learn Dogs Seitai, you can diagnose the posture and the gait of your dog.

Q. What happens if you can treat still muscles.

If you care muscles based on Dog Seitai theory, you can obviously see their body changes.

Q. Why do their posture and gait change?

Muscles they often use and not use at all can be stiff easily. Then, dogs could have symptoms such as “cannot hold their hip or neck at proper position,” “cannot move their forelegs forward” or “cannot kick back with their hind legs” due to limitation of motions.
If these dogs try to walk without any treatment, they tend to learn improper walking habit to cover the symptoms like shorter foot steps.
If stiff muscle is relieved, range of motion will increase and you can see the change obviously and feel the benefit clearly.

Q. What special treatment does your dog need?

There are various treatments such as rubbing, massaging, stretching, and warming up. But you can only make the expected outcome by enough specialized knowledge of target muscles and skillful treatments.

Please check our contents and learn the target muscle.

You need to have the right knowledge of dog anatomy to relieve muscle stiffness effectively.
First, you need to learn the knowledge about the target muscle and then learn where and how you can touch it. As dogs have skin with fluffy fur, we need to learn about Canine skeleton systems first to approach the target muscle accurately.

To have knowledge about skeleton and joint structure will help preventing accidents and injuries too. You can diagnose if dogs move their body comfortably or not by learning about musculoskeletal and joint structure and how dogs use them.


You can learn by video and/or textbooks.

  • basic principle of Canine(dogs) skeleton structure and joints’ movement
  • basic principle of Canine(dogs) muscle position and treatment
  • Canine (dogs) posture and assessments
  • Canine (dogs) standing position assessments
  • How dogs use muscles when they run or walk
  • How dogs use muscles when they jump, landing turn and slow down

How to learn

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Option3: Purchase text contents
You can learn anatomical knowledge of canine(dogs) muscle and skeleton system.
Volume 1 “Canine(dogs) muscles”: $200
Volume 2 “Canine(dogs) skeleton and join structure and their movement”: $200
Complete set: $350

Option 4: Purchase text contents and select video contents.
Complete set: $350 + $30 for each video content

Option 5: Purchase complete text and video set.
Whole knowledge about Dog Seitai. You can diagnose and select proper care for your dogs by specialized knowledge from text contents and practical learning from video contents.
Complete set: $900


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